Fosco Marotto

Solutions Architect at Parse

twitter: @newFosco

Wandering around San Francisco, staying active, meeting people, and always learning.

January 2013 - Desktop Dungeons

I had some fun during a weekend, playing with a HTML5 game development environment. I worked on a clone of Desktop Dungeons which I love. They are building a new version, which you should definitely support. I stopped before adding monsters and combat to the game, happy to have implemented the fog-of-war style map, a simple random dungeon generator, and most of the items and sprites. See it here

January 2013 - Bario

Super Mario Bros. 3 is probably my all-time favorite game. It has been tied by only one other game, which obviously took a ton of inspiration from it, and that game is Braid. I would love to see those two mixed, and play in the Mario world with the game mechanics of Braid. Intro screen translation

January 2013 - Parse Jump

I was flown out to San Francisco to interview with Parse as a Solutions Architect, and I got the job. :) Soon after, but before the move, I put together this game demo using Construct 2. It’s a vertical-scrolling jumping game that uses either a mobile-device accelerometer or arrow-keys for movement. I used the artwork for the other Parse employees as the platforms. They are an awesome bunch and I am honored to be working with them! See it here